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nüvonivo \ new-voh-nee-voh \ verb; translation

  • To offer a fun, easy, and rewarding way to shop for New Levels children’s fashion brands and toys from Europe and North America.
  • To positivly impact our global, national, and local community at New Levels through work, play, and love.

Nouveaux Niveaux (new-voh-nee-voh) – French for New Levels

Nüvonivo brings new, inspiring, fun-loving, and trusted fashion Brands and toys from around the world to our consumer’s doorstep.  Our mission is to live up to the name nüvonivo and bring New Levels of fashion, value, and customer service with a touch of Ü-lala

Nüvonivo is owned and operated by ECA, a family company specializing in international distribution of children’s fashion items for nearly 50 years.  Nüvonivo’s concept continues our tradition of good business bringing together good people, good products, and good services.  We are lucky to work with some of the most principled and innovative suppliers in the fashion industry.  Nüvonivo is a tribute to their trust in our company.

Nüvonivo gives back to our community.  We partner with local charities in Raleigh, North Carolina and beyond.  Our efforts focus on organizations helping children regain health and improve the quality of their lives. Our mission of bringing New Levels of joy and love is guided by exceptional fashion, value, and customer service, but also by the idea that we can improve ourselves and our surroundings through social empowerment and goodwill, all wrapped in a little Ü-lala.

Discover this amazing organization called Note in the Pocket, located in Raleigh, NC.  Their mission is to provide clothing to homeless and impoverished children in Wake County.  According to Walter Magazine, Note in the Pocket delivered more than 47,000 articles of clothing to children in need in 2014, and nüvonivo is proud to have contributed to this cause with both volunteer hours and new clothing.  Click the pocket below to learn how you can contribute!

Note in the Pocket

nüvonivo \ new-voh-nee-voh \ Shop. Discover. Smile at New Levels